13.2kw Solar System

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Specifications and Cost of a 13.2kw Solar System

The 13kW or 13kw grid-connected solar system can generate 60-70kWh energy at a 75% efficiency rate. A 13.2 kW solar system is efficient for every region of Australia. A solar system requires a lot of heat and sunlight to work at full performance. So where is the hottest all over the year it can produce the highest energy

13.2kw solar system has high-quality solar PV cells with better sunlight capturing capabilities, a faster energy conversion rate, and an extended service life.

Compared to the 10KW solar power system and, this system shows that the 13.2 kW or 13kW solar installation cost is a bit higher than 10KW but its production capacity is more than the cost.

So, that is why we are seeing an increase in demand in installing this larger 7.7kW, 10.5kW, and 13.2kW systems all of a sudden?

The most important reason, in our opinion, is that more people are going solar with the intention of future-proofing a future battery installation, and with the exorbitant power prices we are currently paying, people are realizing that having more panels will simply serve them better in the years ahead. Many people are waiting for battery costs to decrease further before investing in a home battery, as they are now too pricey, even with the government rebate.

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How much space is necessary for a 13.2kw solar power system to be installed?

The size and number of solar panels utilized determine the amount of space required for a 13.2kw solar system to be installed. A total of 30-35 solar panels are required, with a solar panel measuring 211.5 × 105.6 × 4 cm on average weight 22.3kg( Basis on LG 450w panel).

This specification applies to a 370-450 watt panel. As a result, a roof space of roughly 70-82m sq. is required to install this system. The amount of space needed is also determined by the roof’s form and the design of the solar frame, which can be slanted or flat placed.

How much area is required?

It’s very difficult to say how much solar panels cost to install per watt, Coz it depends on various issues, like the type of solar panel and brand, Inverter type, house’s power design- single-phase or three-phase Roof design etc. Even the price will decrease if you buy a larger solar system.In NSW, the average cost of a 13kw or 13.2kw solar panel ranges from $5800 to $7000, including taxes and rebates according to the solarworld power.com.au offer chart without battery (as of Jan 2022). The cost will vary based on the size of the inverter, the capacity of the solar cells, the size of the battery, and other factors.

Panel orientation

In NSW, it’s better to position your panels to the north if you have the option. If you install your solar panels to the north, that will give the maximized power production. Even whether your panels face east or west, your system is likely to be effective, especially if your household consumes a vast portion of its electricity during the morning and evening peak periods.
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When you examine your solar options, you can maximize your savings.

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