6.6kw Solar System

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6.6kW Solar Systems: Cost, Payback Period, Number of Panels, and Benefits

Australian homes are becoming more popular with the best 6.6kw solar system. Because of 6.6kW solar systems cost comparatively low its payback period, energy production, Small roof space to install, and other benefits. 6.6kW solar systems approval is easy for connecting to the grid. It can generate enough energy for the average Australian household. Average Australian house use between 20KW to 25KW per day, if you consume that amount of electricity then a 6.6kw solar system is perfect for you.
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How many panels for a 6.6kw System?

A 6.6 kW system typically consists of between 20 and 24 solar panels. For a 6.6 kW system, the number of panels required varies depending on the panel’s size and efficiency of the panels. If you use highly efficient 370 Watt panels, you will only need 18 of them, whereas LG NeON® H+ Black premium 405w solar panel will require 17 even you will get a 6.8 kW solar system instead of 6.6 kW.


Households often use a portion of the solar energy they generate and transmit the remains into the grid to receive a feed-in tariff. Higher rates of self-consumption result in faster payback times. Because grid electricity costs more than the feed-in tariff. Self-consume solar power is better than exporting it back which means sale back to the grid. You buy per unit of electricity much higher rate from the grid than exporting your solar electricity to the grid. In Sydney per unit electricity feed-in tariff will cost .25$ whereas when you export your produced electricity to the feed they give you, the name is just a price, only .05$. A small solar power system may have better self-consumption and a shorter payback time, but it will save less money on electricity overall. As a result, lowering the size of a system to achieve a faster payback period is typically a false economy that leaves you wishing you had installed a larger system from the start. Self-consumption varies by household, but those with 6.5 kilowatt solar systems utilize roughly 20% of the solar electricity generated on average, so I’ll use that statistic.

How much roof space is required for a 6kW solar power system?

In general, a panel measuring approximately 1.8 meters x 1 meter, around 29 square meters of the suitable rooftop will be required for a 6kW solar power system installation (or a bit more than 32 square meters for 6.6kW). Here’s a general idea of how much space 6kW occupies, based on 370 watt panels.

Panel orientation

In NSW, it’s better to position your panels to the north if you have the option. If you install your solar panels to the north, that will give the maximized power production. Even whether your panels face east or west, your system is likely to be effective, especially if your household consumes a vast portion of its electricity during the morning and evening peak periods.
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Solar Rebates from the Federal Government

All ACt residents are eligible to get a rebate on solar from the Federal government. You will get an incentive when you install solar system components approved by Clean Energy Council. The Installer should also be listed in Clean Energy Council. For a 6.6kW system, you may be eligible for a $3,585 incentive. Here the rebate is already included in the amount that we offered. Feed-in tariffs are paid to ACT residents who export excess solar energy back to the grid.
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